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Raquel Seijas Fernández
Parque Empresarial Novo Milladoiro  Rua das Hedras, 45A – 45B 15895 Milladoiro – Ames
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Linked to the organisation and production of events and ephemeral architecture for over 25 years.

Escenoset designs, produces and executes any temporary project related to events or staging (decorations, exhibitions, gastronomy, auxiliary services) in any point of the country, by transforming spaces into experiences.


Services offered  

Exhibition services (comprehensive turn key organisation: stands, mobile points, demonstrations, decorations); exhibition marketing.

Production and organisation of all types of events and auxiliary services (decorations, gastronomy, travelling, etc.).

Interior design and window dressing.

Services for museums and exhibitions (assembly of displays, models, scale reproductions).

Scope of work Galicia