Located in the ‘Rias Altas’ and with 70,000 inhabitants, Ferrol is a different city, created from the impetus given by the Navy and the naval industry for over 300 years. Its urban centre is the best example of rationalist planning that exists in Galicia; planned in the 18th century, it is home to buildings of great architectural value, and has an especially good collection of modernist houses.

The attraction of the city is joined to its proximity to places of great natural beauty, from the beaches that surround the capital to the steep coast of A Capelada and Ortegal. For many organisers, its main attraction is the city’s close link with the sea, determined by its coastal city character, its historical relationship with the Navy, and the fact of being one of the main European shipbuilding capitals.

Its maritime vocation has determined its appearance but also the character of the population, who are very used to welcoming travellers and sailors. Exceptional gastronomy, the possibility of scheduling interesting cultural visits and the fact of being a very easy city to move around in by car or foot, make Ferrol a indisputable choice for the organisation of meetings and events.

Its recently constructed auditorium is the tourism banner of meetings in the city, which also has other varied venues located in historical buildings in the centre together with its exhibition site. Any of its options ensure a unique event.

Distance to airports:

  • Alvedro airport (A Coruña): 48 km. / 40 min.
  • Lavacolla airport (Santiago de Compostela): 90 km. / 60 min.
  • Vigo Peinador airport (Vigo): 183 km. / 110min.

Turismo Ferrol

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