Galicia MICE is a portal that makes it easier for promoters and organisers of meetings, incentive trips, conventions, trade fairs or exhibitions to locate resources. The platform will support you in your decisions, as it shows the destination opportunities that our Community offers as a whole, but also the major locations individually, all in the same space.

While navigating through Galicia Mice you can check out how our legacy and the incredible heritage that we have can transform your project into a magical, successful event. Because if there is something that Galicia of proud of, it is its warm, friendly welcome, an essential starting point for the standing of any event. Few destinations are capable of combining modern infrastructures with idyllic walks through ancient cities; effective and professional resources with an exceptional gastronomy; cities that are cosmopolitan  in spirit but with a vast cultural and artistic attraction.

Located on the edge of the Atlantic, at a historic crossroads between Europe and America, those attending events are always made welcome in Galicia. From your arrival at any of the three Galician airports, transfers in our community are fast, comfortable and simple. And once at the destination you will then be the time to fully enjoy everything that we can offer: professionalism, quality and creativity but always from our own perspective; which is being a part of a people who are well-known throughout the world for their immense working capacity and welcoming character.

The success of a business trip is in making those who travel be able to get the most out of their time; but also that afterwards they remember it as something different and unique. The cultural and historic heritage; the spell of our landscapes; the gastronomy and a highly professionalised MICE sector is what Galicia offers you to ensure your project is successful

Destination Galicia

rectangulo-indice  Comfortable and safe cities

Our capitals are the ideal size so that they can be enjoyed with no waiting, without masses of people, without wasting time on long journeys. In Galicia cities amble along smoothly.

rectangulo-indice  The taste of Galicia

Our Community can be savoured through an exceptional gastronomy directly connected with the sea and land, but also through its history, culture and people.

rectangulo-indice Unique infrastructures

You can choose between contemporary, state of the art constructions created specifically to welcome congresses and events; or unique, old, fully adapted buildings.

rectangulo-indice Unique accommodation

Which option do you prefer? The comfort and efficiency of modern hotels or the uniqueness of a regal, hundred year old building?

rectangulo-indice Highly professionalised sectors

A professionalised MICE sector of proven quality, committed to the image that it transmits of Galicia, will be your best ally in our Community.

rectangulo-indice A Community in motion

Galicia is the headquarters to three universities; a land of navigators and discoverers; and the birthplace of great writers and artists, inspired by great geographic diversity and landscape.