ICE Galicia

Contact information
phone-call 981 369 040
Cidre Cotos
C/Terra, 15-19, bajo  15402 Ferrol

ICE GALICIA S.L. was created in July 2009 to diversify a business area that to that date had been carried out by the Groups Dept of Viajes Paco S.A., and focused on the incentive trips, events and the organisation of congresses, conferences or seminars.

This is a young company created from another highly experienced one in the sector, which has a wholesaler-retailer travel agency and a passenger transport company with a large fleet of both coaches as well as people carriers and Mercedes saloons.

Its mission is to make the customer “Incentivise” itself by visiting Galicia, “Congregate” in Galicia and become “Excited” with its events, the three letters ICE forming its name.


Services offered Events – Congresses – Azafatas – Tourist information on cruises – Management of tourist offices
Scope of work Galicia.