Michael Skinner T&I
  Email: mskinner17@gmail.com
  Phone: 986649399
  Postal address: 36450, Pontevedra
Providing professional translation and interpretation services since 1993. Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and remote interpreting. Consultancy and organization of interpreter teams with local human resources depending on availability and the languages required, and with resources from elsewhere whenever local ones are not available; all with a wealth of experience and belonging to some of the professional associations in the field: AICE –Asociación de Intérpretes de Conferencia de España–, AGPTI –Asociación de Profesionais de Tradución e Interpretación de Galicia–, APIC – Associação de Intérpretes de Conferência de Portugal–, among others.
Translation and professional interpretation in congresses, conferences, meetings, seminars, etc., of all kinds; with specialized scientific subjects such as medicine, veterinary medicine, fishing, engineering, automotive, naval, architecture, law, finance; as well as arts and humanities, social affairs, European programs, presentations and trade missions; among others.