Grupo Marva
  Phone: 986493133
  Postal address: Rúa de Urzaiz, 68 36204 Vigo (Pontevedra)
We began our journey in 1954, with a brave attitude that, even then, made us open paths that practically nobody explored.
Our constant desire to innovate has transformed us into an ideal partner that offers 360 marketing and advertising services, to design, manage, produce and develop specific actions or large events of any profile (face-to-face, hybrid or virtual) in areas such as professional congresses, institutional, brand, promotional, advertising, television, sporting events, etc.
Our production centres, distributed throughout the national territory, have a wide range of resources related to the creation and transformation of formal and non-formal spaces (carpentry, locksmith, painting, lighting, electricity, etc.), audiovisual production and post-production , latest technologies, graphic design and production, furniture, logistics fleet.
All this makes our work an example of the QUALITY of the means, services and tools used, the PROFITABILITY of the solutions, the PROFESSIONALISM of the teams that devise, produce, manage or collaborate and above all by our RESPONSE AND REACTION CAPACITY.
We like to listen to help and share our experience to ADVANCE AND MAKE IDEAS COME TRUE.
- National and international.
- Design, management, production of services for the development of projects related to marketing, advertising and professional events (congresses, brand events, etc.).